Another Indian TV show, another worst story…..

From the sets of Sony Television, we are getting a new show that is full of craps. Showing a story where a 10 year old is married to a 18 year old girl. Irony is they show a disclaimer before the starting of show that through this show they are not supporting child marriage in any way, but SERIOUSLY? This ?.. Don’t they have any other sophisticated ideas regarding the TV shows. Not only Sony every big channel has at least 2-3 such non-sense serials going on. Some depicts domestic violence, child marriage, and specially the way people think in these shows on how to take revenges. These shows have made people lose love among their real lives with their own brothers and sisters.

The way they create suspense of what a mother-in-law will do to punish the girl after she had made a mistake, all such craps are the part of our daily soaps. Nothing good is going on the Television right now in India. From Star plus to Colors. From Naagin to reincarnation, we have everything. Its ok you can show whatever you want this is a democratic country, and its your channel. But as a citizen of this country it is your duty to show a what is the real matter, what we are going to face if we don’t remove the orthodox thinking from our society. Instead you are showing what a Naagin return for her revenge, full of shit. Stretching the series to complete 500, 1000 episodes, what will you get from that only you are making your audience get bored of the stuff. Starts of with a generation and after some time it completely changes the story to a different direction where the grand children are playing center roles…….LOL.

Some of the shows are pretty good and amazing, some showing serious matters that we need to completely resolve to make our country better. But they are outnumbered, what we want is such shows. It doesn’t matter how much episodes it has, but what matters the most is the content and how it is coming forward to bring out a positive change in the minds and hearts of people watching the shows. Please don’t show the fights of saas bahu or the way to treat someone like hell. Take the Indian TV shows standard to a height where we can say yes I was watching this show.


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