Laws for crime against cows, Increasing, so does the crimes against women….

India is having a very funny period of time right now, not only with politics, but also with the way the orthodox thinking of people is getting the way into the roots of the modern society also. We have seen a numerous cases of cows being slaughter in the country and for such crimes without any delay a number of laws have been passed to ensure the safety of the “holy and sacred” animal COW. But what about the crimes against women that are still increasing day by day, no government is taking action for this thing, no court has given the verdict without delay. We all knew who all were the culprits of Damini Rape Case, then also it took around 9-10 months for a court to decide that yes the arrested men were culprits. Everyone there knew they were the ones who did such a hilarious act and then also they were given time of 10 months by so called fast-track court. Even after that they were allowed to go to the upper courts. And finally after around 15 months the decision came. All these have just given the criminals more power to do the crimes without any fear. You think molestation against girls have reduced, crimes against women have reduced in India?? I don’t think so. I too have a sister, mother, female friends. I get worried when they are late from work, college for even 10 minutes. Why is this fear? Why I’m not fearless about them going out of the house and return home safely?

Now, even cows have been given the far more better standard than women in our country and this just makes me think what has happened to this country and its people? Is the cow more important than the women in the country. I’m not saying passing the laws to ensure the safety of cows is wrong, but this could have been implemented for the safety of women also, right? This society has to change otherwise one day our country will become history and all others will laugh on us, for such a poor sense of living.



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