Wanna make your PC run fast?

Operating systems are designed to store some information of how the system is performing a task  plus the logs. But sometimes all these files when stretches in number can slow down you PC. Now, to completely remove the files one must know 3 basic locations from where one has to remove the file.

Step-1: Open Run dialog box using Windows+R.

Step-2: Type temp and hit Enter.

Step-3: Remove all the files you see there and delete them permanently using     Shift+Delete combination.

Step-4: Again open Run dialog box and this time type prefetch and delete all the files there also.

Step-5: Finally open folder %temp% from the run dialog box and proceed as before delete all the file there permanently.

Woohooo now your PC is running faster than before. Try to clean it in every 2-3 days.


Secondly after removing these temporary files and log files, one has to defrag the disk.

Open the disk defragmenter and run it on all the drives.

Finally you have achieved a what you waited for past 5 mins. The faster PC….


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