FEAR: Feeling of failing…

“I am afraid of failing” or “I am not going to do this cause I know I’ll fail”. We all have come across such expressions at least once in our lifetime. All these thoughts and way of thinking are part of fear in our mind. But the question here arises is why do we fear so much? Why is that most of the time we stop ourselves from going on and we limit ourselves in our comfort zones only? What makes us confine in the limits? That’s fear.

Fear is nothing but the feeling of failing when we try something new. It’s very normal to be afraid of something or someone, but due to them stopping the new and innovative ideas is not quite normal. The way we humans have reacted to such situations in the past life is an important lesson for us and we must learn from the mistakes. The best lesson we get is that fear makes us do mistakes. Not a single decision taken under fear has proved to be correct but under those situations where all other were failing there were some people with ability to overcome that feeling and focusing on the solutions. This is not a wide band scenario only, we face such situations in our day to day life. I too suffer from this many a times as it’s pretty much hard for me to decide which path to take when I’m struck in life, I think first of what are the effects of doing a thing, will it be successful decision or will I fail. This “what if I will fail?” expression is what has made me leave more innovative and creative thoughts to remain packed in the boxes rather than coming out of the box. 

Most of the times we don’t even try because we find it different or difficult from seeing others perceiving that task. We try to go with others experience instead of creating our own. We depend on others controller, when we are supposed to create our own fate. Nothing is easy until we try and make it easy for us for others to see that it can be accomplished. Someone has to step up to create history, many of us were afraid of going to space but then some of the extraordinary ones find it rather interesting and opened gates for new era of scientific studies. Getting engaged with someone makes you do mistakes in order to make sure your partner is happy, so that they remain with you. But remember if they have to be with you they will without asking for anything in return but if it’s not what you have expected they will surely make you do mistakes a number of time and will leave you once you have reached a level from where coming back is impossible. This is one thing, many others are found in the education system, the competitive world has created so many threats to peace and humanity. 

Controlling the fear, controlling the feeling of failing is the most important ingredients in the life not only to succeed but also to lead a healthy and happy life. One always has a chance of breaking the limits, one can always reconfigure the script of life, everyday we get such chances, everyday is a new day, even every time we make a decision is creating infinite possible paths to go further. So make decisions fearlessly, boldly, but that doesn’t mean hurting someone else for own purpose. Correct decision is what have collective good and will make people remember you. There are infinite number of examples of such fearless acts, try getting some motivations from them. That’s true success, that’s when one can be happy.


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